Recruitment for a specific role

Working in partnership with companies to secure the best individuals for the role they are looking to fill

Retained Recruitment Service

Long term project based management of the recruitment process for a company. This could be due to a large contract win or company restructure with targeted growth over a period of time. Where Magpie People can work on a long term recruitment project to save the company time and money

HR Support

Offer support to companies HR function by working with local specialist HR Consultancies and legal professionals to offer independent external advice


Working in partnership

By working in partnership with our client companies and adding value to the recruitment process Magpie People are proven at saving companies time and money through the recruitment process to bring professionals into the team and help the companies continue to grow

Regional Market Knowledge

With over 10 years' proven track record working with a selection of leading Engineering and Manufacturing companies across the Yorkshire region, Magpie People have a strong network across the sector and understand the local market. This allows Magpie People to find the best candidates quickly


Get in touch

Get in touch to discuss how Magpie People can help you with any recruitment requirements