Magpie People work in partnership with our clients to ensure we are adding value and saving time and become a valued part of the recruitment process. With over 10 years working in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector across the Yorkshire region, we have an extensive network of professionals across a range of sectors and specialties. Magpie People take time to get to know the companies we are working with, in terms of structure, people and the plans moving forward.

This ensures Magpie People can represent your business in the way you want it to help you attract the best calibre of individuals to the business. Magpie People look to find people not just with the skills and experience you require but as importantly the right attitude and mindset so they fit the culture within the business


Magpie People have the experience and knowledge within the Engineering and Manufacturing sector, so can offer support to company growth plans over a period of time, along with knowledge of potential companies to work in partnership with and support through supply chains looking for business opportunities